Austin Business Link:

Creating New Opportunities for Business.

For Professionals and Business Owners

Austin Business Link is an informal business networking group designed to facilitate new connections and opportunities between its members. Founded in 2009, the group has grown to include a great mix of professionals and business owners. The group meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month for breakfast at 7:30 AM.

Our home base is Waterloo at 360/2222, but from time to time we will meet at other locations. There are no officers or written meeting procedures. The group is self governing and has a stated desire to retain the lowest possible overhead and complexity in order to focus on the key networking purpose of the group.

How ABL Operates

  • Existing members nominate new members.
  • New member nomination is encouraged and is made openly to the group for discussion and approval.
  • Duplication of industry specialization is not allowed.
  • Existing members are encouraged to look for connective networking and/or business opportunities with other members in the group.
  • Members are encouraged to participate in the recruitment and informal governing of the group.
  • The group has an open communication policy in all respects.
  • 80% attendance should be maintained to remain an active member of the group.
  • The initial cost to join is $100 and covers the first year of membership.
  • The cost to renew membership is $100 per year. Dues cover all meeting expenses including breakfast.
  • The finances of the group are open for any member to review at any time.
  • Typically, breakfast involves informal discussion between members for the first ½ of the meeting.
  • New members and guests are introduced and welcomed.
  • Typically, the last ½ of the meeting is an opportunity for individual members to address the group about recent success, industry specific information, new member nominations, and other group business.

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