Austin networking group hits its stride

Posted on July 25th, by Jenny Laudadio in News. No Comments

I love Austin. Technology brilliance, startup energy, keeping it weird, love for all things local, entrepreneurial spirit, killer music scene, and the lakes, hill country and back roads are a few of the things that make Austin an inspiring place to work and live. I recently heard Austin being referenced as a little big town. I feel that is pretty accurate. Within the first two months of working for Austin Business Link, an Austin networking group, I’ve attended multiple networking and training events. I’ve found Austinites to be very communal in helping their fellow locals grow, succeed and flourish. The energy in Austin is motivating and contagious and that is the simplest way to describe why Austin Business Link was formed in 2009.

Cary Laudadio founded Austin Business Link in 2009 but I secretly take some of the credit. A dinner time discussion about the BNI groups my co-workers at the time were attending led to Cary realizing he had an opportunity to connect people he works with daily to help their business grow. In Cary’s line of work he utilizes multiple contacts such as a lawyer, personal banker, mortgage broker, realtor, home builder and creative media group. Over the years these connections have all provided quality expertise for Cary’s clients leaving Cary feeling very confident in providing their referral. That high level of expertise is the back bone for maintaining a strong networking base within the group.

2013 marks an important growth milestone for Austin Business Link. The Austin Business Link website was developed by fellow group member Bryant Hill Media, a social media plan is being strategized and implemented, and the group is growing. The core of Austin Business Link is the monthly breakfast meeting for members to facilitate new connections and business opportunities. One-on-ones between group members further contributes to strong referrals for mutual business growth. The recent addition to Austin Business Link’s reach is an open LinkedIn group where members will share, post and discuss what’s happening in their respective industries and Austin’s economy. The blog and social media outlets will advance the groups reach by providing insightful industry knowledge to Austin businesses, entrepreneurs and families.

We hope you grow from spending time with Austin Business Link whether that is as a breakfast member, LinkedIn group member or quiet social voyeur. Till next time continue loving Austin and keeping it local!

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